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Residential Remodeling Room Additions Tips and Ideas:

How is a sun room addition different from a plain old addition?

Generally, you can say that a sun room addition:Does not have central heating and cooling (HVAC). Lower square footage cost than regular additions.

Main purpose is to provide a supplemental place with generous light for reading, plants, and small swimming pools. By supplemental, this is in contrast to a room with necessary functions such as a bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen.

Sun room builders in recent years have been stepping up their game and rewriting some of the rules. For example, there was a time when most sun room additions were not wired for power; now, this is becoming the norm.

What are the biggest misconceptions about sun room additions that I should be aware of?

"I don't need a building permit." Wrong. Building permits are required with sun room additions.

"Prefab kit sun rooms will cost less than a stick-built addition" Not necessarily. Even though sun room additions cost less per square foot and lack cost-drivers like bathrooms, sun room builders can easily lard up your purchase with unwanted "extras."

"Sun room additions don't need foundations. I can build right onto the slab patio or deck." Foundation requirements are as varied as the localities where these codes apply. Generally, you will need a proper building foundation for your site-built sun room Prefab sun rooms can sometimes be built straight onto existing patio slabs or decks.

What two different types of sun room additions are there?

You can either have a pre-fabricated "greenhouse-type" sun room addition, which is composed largely of aluminum and glass, or a site-built, "stick" sun room addition.

Pre-Fab Kits: One type of sun porch is designed and fabricated at an off-site location and is shipped to you flat. In some cases, these "greenhouse" type additions can be assembled by the homeowner. In other cases, it may be advisable for the sun room retailer to install it for you.

Site-Built: With the site-built "stick" addition, a contractor constructs it just as you would a regular addition or even a house. A foundation is laid, walls are framed, roof trusses built on-site or brought in, and the entire structure is wired for power and may even be plumbed.

Reinventing a Room

Adding more square footage to your home with a new room can be an incredibly expensive project. Although you can recoup some of your investment, anywhere from 50%-83%.

Project’s costs can quickly rise ust turn on any of those home remodeling TV shows. Projects start off with a $15,000 budget quickly rise to double or more when homeowners and contractors run into unexpected problems.

Reinvent the existing space in your home to save money. Finish a basement, or convert the attic to a bedroom. Many homeowners can also add small apartments in, or over, their garages to  rent out as a room. Before you start to demolish walls plan what potential buyers would use the space for. Versatile rooms have greater appeal to potential buyers.

  • Before you demolish walls and rafters, try to think about the ways that you, and potential buyers, can use the space:

  • According to Remodeling Magazine’s annual Cost vs. Value report, an average basement remodel, with the addition of a wet bar, costs $64,000. You can save a significant portion of this by doing the work yourself, but even then, adding a new room can be expensive.

    Versatile rooms have greater appeal to potential buyers.

    Basements work well as second living rooms, or game rooms and many people use this space as a small apartment for a tenant. Attic spaces often work well for craft rooms and game rooms, especially if they have high ceilings. If you have kids, you can add swings to the rafters, and create a cool play room just for them.

    What is an Accent Wall?

    An accent wall is one wall within a single room that is markedly different and more interesting than the other walls in the room. Sometimes it's painted, though this is not always the case and usually has a richer color than the other walls.

    Accent Wall Basics

    • The accent wall is usually the first wall that you see when entering a room.
    • It can help to anchor or define a separate area within a larger space. For example, within a large, open-plan house, an accent wall can define a smaller area as being a reading area.
    • The accent wall highlights a large focal point on or near that wall.
    • In most cases, an accent wall is a bold color against neutral walls.
    • Another version of the accent wall is a vibrant shade against other walls of the same shade. For example, a rich orange against other, very pale orange walls.
    • An accent wall doesn't mean you throw color coordination out the window.

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